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  • About Jeff Nicholson

    Jeff Nicholson has a BS from Pepperdine University in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor through the American Council On Exercise and is also Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Jeff most recently achieved the Crossfit level 1 coaching certification. He has coached soccer through the collegiate club sports level and has trained many in sports specific conditioning, helping them to reach their goals at all different training levels. He has completed upward of thirty 1/2 Iron Man, Marathon and Ultra-Marathon races and has a background in training those who wish to take their endurance training to lengths of up to fifty miles. Jeff also has experience as a Chaplain, working in the Spiritual Care Department of Huntington Hospital. Jeff’s varied and unusual skill set makes him an ideal trainer, with the capacity to interact with high level athletes and those who are just beginning any type of physical conditioning.


    Nicholson Fitness Manifesto – At Nicholson Fitness, we recognize that our clients are not simply bodies in need of physical activity, but are whole people, encompassing body, mind and spirit. Therefore, as we work with clients to improve their physical fitness, we also challenge them to become more aware of all the ways in which the spiritual and mental aspects of their person affect their physical well being.

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