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  • About Our Services

    Nicholson Fitness provides a range of exercise and nutrition programs that are completely customizable.  Based out of Culver City, California, Jeff Nicholson can provide a unique personal training experience to individual clients or group sessions through out Los Angeles.  Below are a few details regarding the services we offer.

    Basic Training

    Designed to use body weight exercise in an open space like a park to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness.

    Personal Training

    One-on-one training designed specifically around the individual to create an optimal fitness routine. Goal setting, motivation techniques, nutrition and education are all part of this holistic approach.

    Endurance Training

    Group fitness created to train individuals who desire to compete in a distance event such as a marathon or triathlon.

    At the Office nutrition and exercise program

    Group activity designed to meet three times per week for a fitness class while the individuals follow a nutrition program designed specifically for the individual that works in conjunction with the work out routine.

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